The Birth Recovery Coach — Here to help you thrive as a new Mum.

DSC_3564Hello and a very warm welcome. My name is Lucy Howlett, and I am a Birth Recovery Coach; yoga teacher and postnatal exercise specialist based in Caversham, Reading. I am also a clinical massage therapist and baby massage teacher.

I have been working in movement and the body since 2006: I started as a dance teacher, then a fitness instructor, a personal trainer, and I qualified as a yoga instructor in July 2013. My style of yoga class helps to stretch, gently strengthen and release — always with an awareness of the breath — therefore reducing tension and improving posture. Most recently I have added massage therapy and baby massage to my skill set, which allows me to help clients (and their babies) even more.

I had my first baby, Matilda, in September 2014. Since having Matilda and doing (baby) massage on her still to this day, I am keen to spread my passion for baby massage, for it’s many benefits; improving sleep, reducing wind, colic and constipation and promoting a greater bond with your baby — for Mums, Dads and carers.

For my own fitness I enjoy running outdoors, kettlebell training, yoga and I ADORE dancing. I also love to read, sitting in the sun observing nature and getting together with good friends to connect, chat and enjoy tasty home-cooked food and drink together.

Some of Lucy’s testimonials:

“Lucy has been working with me for 4 months since the birth of my second baby. I didn’t get myself back together after my first and so this time I was committed to tackling my fitness and strength from as soon as I was able. We started working really early, working to bed activity into our routine and focussing on strength and stretching. We’ve moved onwards to a great place where I’m strong, have lost nearly 2 stone and I can be the sort of fit, active mum to my 2 babies that I hoped to be. Lucy is both a trainer and a confidant. She’ll work your body and be there for your mind as you take on parenting. She’s exceptionally knowledgeable about women’s bodies, the impact of childbirth and on how to build back to the self you want to be — safely. We’re continuing our journey as I go back to work and her flexibility to support working mums is something you don’t often find in a PT. All in all… a gem of a find.” Vicky S.

“I had my first (virtual) yoga lesson today with the amazing Lucy Howlett of LIFT Yoga. So totally glad I met this incredible lady. She just ‘gets me’ and I’m so excited to keep working with her!” Jenni D.

Check out Lucy’s Pregnancy Fitness Diaries on YouTube!

Contact Lucy on 07879 490 373 or e-mail to see how she can help you achieve your goals.