Baby Massage & Mamma Yoga

No classes being offered at present but contact Lucy if you’d like a 1:1 or small group session at your home. Or a gift voucher for someone who is expecting…

As a Mum herself, yoga/pregnancy yoga teacher and an experienced personal trainer specialising in pre and postnatal exercise, Lucy is super excited about offering this combination for Babies and Mums to enjoy.

Baby Massage has been used for centuries, across the world, to improve parent-baby bonding, promote better sleep, aid digestion and relieve teething pains. Lucy is passionate about sharing this wonderful technique and experience with other parents/carers and babies, and still uses some of the massage strokes with her daughter, Matilda (born September 2014).

Lucy’s ‘Baby Massage and Mamma Yoga’ sessions combine baby massage strokes with yoga and postnatal exercises, as well as some delicious stretches (to help with comfort and posture) and calming breath work to help both mum and baby relax together. To cover the total body baby massage routine and progress mums through the tummy and pelvic floor exercises, the class format is a four week course. A taster session is possible also.

Please note: Suitable for Mums once you’ve had a six-week check with your doctor.

Bottled organic cold pressed sunflower oil and course hand outs are included in the fees. All you need to bring is a blanket or towel for your baby to lie on.


“I really enjoyed the content of the course and the way it was taught. I didn’t feel bad about my noisy baby. It was very informative and a calm, relaxed atmosphere. Lucy is perfect to teach this type of class. Her whole manner is very relaxing and loving. Thank you Lucy! ” Hannah Beach, Hove

“Thank you for having us on your baby massage course. We have loved it. Despite Hattie’s initial reservations, she now absolutely loves it too! 10 minutes daddy and daughter time every evening has been wonderful. Your classes made that possible! We’ve seen improvements in her digestion too.” Nadine Wood, Hove

Private Sessions:

Lucy also does 1-2-1 sessions in baby massage/yoga for parents. If you’d like to book, please get in touch: Mobile: 07879 490 373. Email: