Hove Workshop ‘Slowness, Stillness and a Sound Bath’ on Sunday April 22nd 2018

Sunday April 22nd, 2.30-5pm at The Float Spa, Hove

“Yoga retrains our bodies and minds and help shift us into a lower gear. This brings obvious physical benefits such as greater flexibility, strength and balance. But it also goes deeper than that. It can cultivate an inner calm that you take with you into the more hectic moments of the day – so that you keep your head while all around you are losing theirs. By slowing us down, these ancient practices also give more depth and meaning to our lives. One of the key benefits of decelerating is that it gives us the time and tranquility to look inside ourselves, to listen to our hearts, to get in touch with our souls, to ask the big questions in life.” Carl Honore, ‘In Praise Of Slow’

This yoga workshop at The Float Spa in Hove, East Sussex will be deliciously slow, meditative, healing, and restful. We will begin with a Sound Bath* with Sound Therapist Ruth Summers.

With the pace of modern life, sometimes we can forget or simply fail to make time to stop, pause and check in with ourselves and how we feel.

Lucy aims to encourage you to maintain a sense of ‘no rush’ about your life, your yoga practice, your goals even… You will be warmly welcomed in to lie down for a Sound Bath to start. After a short break, we will begin some gentle yoga to open up, reduce stiffness and move with deep awareness and honour for the body that we have.

Having experienced anxiety, Lucy has long found the need to practice yoga and/or meditation regularly to help reduce stress and retain strength for life’s challenges. She is passionate about how yoga can be a powerful tool for self-care and wishes to share this with you.

Cost: £30. Taking bookings from now. Any enquiries or to book a place please e-mail

*More on Sound Baths: Allow the beautiful sounds and tones of gongs, Himalayan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, rainsticks and other therapeutic percussion instruments to wash over you, enhancing overall health of mind and body. Sound is applied therapeutically which helps to relax the system on all levels of being; physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically/spiritually. Brainwaves can lower to that similar to meditation or to that just before you fall asleep. The sound can induce a state of relaxation and allow you to rest there, allowing cortisone, the stress hormone to reduce, blood pressure and heart rate to lower, potassium/sodium levels in the body can rebalance and cellular regeneration can take place and our autonomic nervous system to restore.