Kettlebell Training in Reading

With Kettlebell Training you can expect:

  • to burn fat for up to 48 hours afterwards
  • feel fitter and leaner, fast!
  • no impact to the joints e.g great for post-injury/rehab exercise
  • reduced back pain and a stronger spine
  • increased strength without bulk
  • improved mobility and range of motion
  • enhanced sports performance

If you haven’t seen or heard of kettlebell training and are into exercise and fitness then look them up here and see what you’re missing! This awesome training tool has been around for hundreds of years and is fantastic for working on improved heart health, greater strength, power, rehabilitation work, body composition and more.

How to book a session:

All that and you can train in the comfort of your own home, as you don’t need more than a few feet around you for a fantastic and challenging all over body workout. Get in touch if you want to get even greater results in your training and get going on a kettlebell training programme now!

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