Massage Therapy

Lucy is a qualified clinical massage therapist. She has trained with the Jing Institute of Massage and has over 9 years of experience in working with the body; through dance, personal training, yoga and now as a massage therapist. Lucy also integrates her massage techniques into her 121 yoga and personal training sessions where appropriate.

Lucy is passionate about using massage therapy with her clients, and about each session being an experience which not only reduces physical tension through pressure and stretching techniques but one which provides a sense of relaxation. It’s all too common for people to suffer the effects of stress, emotionally but also with physical symptoms that arise in the muscles and tissues. Lucy will aim to assess what may be causing or contributing to the discomfort/imbalance, and offer tools to assist in the healing or remedial process. More than one treatment is often required to achieve the desired outcome.

Lucy herself has a monthly session with another Jing massage therapist to help with her own wellbeing and body ‘maintenance’.

To book a massage therapy appointment or if you have any questions, please call Lucy on 07879 490373 or e-mail