Training Through Winter

Lots of people find it harder to get outside in the colder months but once you do, not only do you realise it’s not as bad as it seems but you feel great for doing it! So resist the urge to hibernate and read on …

Here are my tips to help encourage you to carry on regardless! — To train for a stronger body, a flatter tummy, a positive mind and the sheer smug factor from not letting the weather get the better of your workout!

  • Heat your gloves and trainers on the radiator before you go out (my favourite!)
  • Put on some gym trousers over leggings for extra warmth. I love multiple layering at this time of year, it really helps to keep warmth in.
  • Get into your sports kit first thing in the morning so that you are in the right mind set and geared up to go!
  • Train with a friend or if not, tell a friend when you are about to do some exercise. This way they should ask how it went and you can have someone to answer to and congratulate you on your efforts.
  • Join, a great website which allows you to set yourself goals, provides you with motivation and lets you invite people to support and encourage you on your journey. It’s free!
  • Read an inspiring book e.g. Born To Run, or a book by an athlete.
  • Visualise your reward when you’ve completed your outside training session. E.g. a relaxing hot bath, like this fella to the left, plus a cup of tea or a protein-rich smoothie. Try blending Pulsin’ pea protein with a banana, some non-dairy milk, a tablespoon of nut butter and any other healthy additions you might fancy.
  • Buy some nice sports wear to inspire you to get out in it. Striders Edge, Lorna Jane, and Lululemon (also does mens clothing!) are my favourites, for their feminine designs and quality.
  • And if you really can’t get out, plan a fitness routine at home! Clear some space in the house to do your exercise. Ready Steady Mums DVD’s can guide you through the moves if you are pregnant/post-natal.

Even just making time to do stretches is great. Stretching is good for many things; providing greater comfort, easing stress, preventing pain and injury. If you are sitting for long periods, as is often the case when breast-feeding, and holding your child then your posture is bound to suffer a little. So stretching, all over the body, at least once a day can do just the trick to help you feel great and improve your posture too!