Vinyasa Flow Yoga in Brighton & Hove

Lucy teaches a vinyasa flow-style class, linking movement with the breath. This will help to improve strength, flexibility, posture and muscle tone whilst promoting mindfulness and reducing stress. The sequences will be energising yet grounding, giving you some precious time to yourself in amongst busy daily life. Lucy comes from a background of dance and personal training, specialising in pre and post-natal exercise.

NEW Tuesday class, ‘Hatha Flow and Restore’, suitable for absolute beginners

Where: The Float Spa,
Price: £13 or £11 to Float Spa members
When: Tuesday 6-7.15pm,
Price: £13

This class is about ‘finding your centre’; reducing tension and postural imbalances, minimising the effects of stress, slowing down and tuning into yourself.

Come and join me on the mat to breath deeply, stretch out gently and mindfully with the help of yoga. We will start lying down, to help quieten down busy minds, then begin to move through some simple asanas to ground, open out and lengthen tight muscles and joints. We’ll then slow the pace even more and hold poses for longer, to allow release on a deeper level.

*I am also a pre- and postnatal exercise specialist so you are welcome to come to class if you are pregnant or have recently had a baby (after the six-week check with your doctor).


Monday class

Where: The Parish Hall, All Saints Church.
Please bring your own mat.
Hove, (entrance on Eaton Road)
When: Mondays 7.45-9pm
Price: £60
Please note: As above, one drop-in per course is possible (£11). If you wish to come again regularly, you will then be asked to commit to the course.

Are you looking for a yoga class that:

  • provides you with a physical workout,
  • relaxes you and helps reduce stress,
  • improves your flexibility and core strength?

Then join me on the mat in my Monday class.

More information on the classes:

With a background in personal training Lucy understands the desire for a yoga practice that physically works the body. It was Lucy’s desire for a dynamic yet mindful way of moving, in the form of yoga, that led her to become a yoga teacher. Lucy’s style of teaching helps to strengthen and tone the whole body, whilst keeping the mind peaceful. In her classes, she places great emphasis on relaxing with the help of the breath, encouraging students to regularly ‘check-in’ with themselves and de-stress, outside of the yoga studio also.


WORKSHOPS — next one ‘Summer of Self-Love’ on Sunday June 11th 2017.

Sunday June 11th, 2.30-4.30pm, at The Float Spa, Hove

This will be a gentle, relaxing session with the theme of Loving Thyself. This theme was requested a while ago, but also came about from Lucy’s experience as a yoga teacher, pregnancy yoga teacher, personal trainer and massage therapist; noticing that most people have various stresses to manage, are very busy and could do with this allocated ‘down time’. There will also be some guests to share their skills/knowledge.

After a difficult birth experience and further post-birth challenges,  Lucy realises how the need to manage stress and look after one’s body is paramount (especially as a parent). She adores learning about, working with and teaching about the body and it’s movement and is passionate about helping others through the art of yoga.

After a brief introduction, we will start with a lying meditation, to focus on softening the body, soothing the mind and releasing physical and emotional tension. Once arisen from that we will do nadi shodhana (alternate nostril breathing) to help bring balance to the body and mind and commence a gentle and slow, flowing practice of asanas/poses.

There will be a 15-20 minute break for a chance to talk to the skilled and lovely guests Clary and Jesse (see more below), and have a raw vegan snack made by Lucy.

The second half will include a couple of simple self-care rituals, inspired by Ayurveda, and some Yin Yoga where we hold poses for several minutes for a deeper release.

COST: £25 (£20 to other yoga teachers and unlimited members of The Float Spa)

Please book early to avoid disappointment.

Any enquiries please e-mail

Yoga 1-2-1 or Group Sessions

If you would like to have 1-2-1 tuition in vinyasa flow yoga or perhaps host a small group class in your home, then please get in touch to discuss the options:

Contact Lucy, by phone or e-mail, to book!

Mobile: 07879 490 373. Email: